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       These games were created by Tim Novak and are manufactured by Channel Craft right here in AMERICA. Half Ass Expeditions is proud to offer these fun little diversions direct to you. I know you'll like them as much as I enjoyed inventing them. Game on.



       The One and Only BLISTERS Dice Game with the cool little bag and the six colorful dice. Invented on the Appalachian Trail during a "thru-hike" in 1987. Haven't played...? You gotta give it a try! Perfect for the purse, pocket or pack, BLISTERS can be played anywhere.

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THAXX board game

       As if ripped from the deck of the shipwrecked El Cazador itself, THAXX is the classic contest of dice and coins. Easy to learn, fun for ages 6 and up. This is the third game created by Tim Novak for Channel Craft, originally called THAX.

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THAXX "RollUp" Format

       Same great Thaxx gameplay, really cool roll up format.

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